Labels and more …

Since 1993 TOKO has dedicated itself to labels.

We design the right label and see to smooth integration into your existing business processes. First, we rely on the best raw materials and apply the highest standards to our machinery and supplier relationships, upon which we can depend. Precisely this care and attention is why we are able to deliver only the best quality and always on time.

About us

TOKO manufactures labels and supplies all the associated hardware and software, so that the labels are placed in exactly the right position with the desired colour, shape and correct information.


TOKO was founded in 1993 by Tobias Koenders. At first, the company supplied labels, labelling devices and systems printing labels for industrial applications. Outstanding customer service belonged to our business practices from the start.

Social responsibility

As an established company with a vision and goals, we have also taken on the challenge of offering chances to the underprivileged in our society. This is why we campaign for the younger generation in our region, our future.