Looking to the future for the past 20 years

TOKO was founded in 1993 by Tobias Koenders. At first, the company supplied labels, labelling devices and systems printing labels for industrial applications. Outstanding customer service belonged to our business practices from the start.

Three years later the company began its own label production. Our reason: companies from all sectors demanded labels of perfect quality. Initially we specialised in monochrome printing, but our company expanded to six-colour production in 2003. In 2007 a new and larger production system was added for rolls and sheets, on which labels can be individually produced for thermal, thermal transfer, laser and inkjet printers.

Since the capacity of our production and warehouse space at that time had been exhausted, the company relocated in 2012 to its present site in Erbach, Germany. The expansion of our production and storage space allowed our manufacturing capacities to be increased with new production systems.

As a result, we continue to ensure adherence to schedules, something for which we are known, and at the same time offer our customers an even larger range of labels in terms of colour and technology.