A printer’s best friends

Here you can find everything to make your label printing systems even more efficient. By doing this, you can reduce labour and material costs.

Hardware enhancements help to make labels easier to handle. With the right software, creating labels manually or automatically becomes child’s play. Thermal transfer ribbon is the printing ribbon in your printer. And with our maintenance supplies you can make sure that your printer functions consistently without problems.


Contactless digital data collection. Whether this entails 1D or 2D codes, with cable connection or wireless applications, robust devices with fall protection and/or water protection, scanners now exist in countless varieties and designs.

Hardware supplies

With auxiliary equipment from TOKO, you can simplify printing and handling labels. Dispensers facilitate peeling of label material that is difficult to remove. For printer stations that are hard to access, extended dispensers can be very helpful.

Label software

For sporadic use of labels, prevalent software, such as Microsoft Word, in combination with the right Windows printer driver are usually sufficient for layout design. But you can design and manage the layouts for your labels more quickly and conveniently with software specifically for designing labels.

Thermal transfer ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbons are also referred to as colour ribbon, carbon ribbon, ribbon or printing foil. They place text and symbols on the labels. We supply thermal transfer ribbons for all established label printers in the quality that meets your requirements.

Maintenance supplies and service

The printhead is the main component of your label printer. Proper maintenance and service determine its length of service. This is why we offer all the supplies necessary for cleaning and maintaining label printer and dispenser systems.

Manual systems

A third hand would often be useful to manually process stickers. TOKO supplies manual label dispenser systems that assume precisely this task.

Semi- and Fully automated systems

Depending on your requirements, we offer the right automation solution. Individually, we analyze your requirements and advise you purposeful in terms of an ideal cost-benefit ratio.