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Depending on your requirements, we offer the right automation solution. Individually, we analyze your requirements and advise you purposeful in terms of an ideal cost-benefit ratio.

Semi-automatic systems

When it needs to go faster, semi-automatic label dispensers are the right choice: An automatic label dispenser removes the sticker from the backing tape so that it can be taken from the dispenser manually.

It is possible to have the label applied directly on the product. Such label applicators are available with a take-up spool to wind the label liner, a label peeler with a sensor or micro-switch, and many other options.

The next step entails a semi-automatic label applicator. The label is dispensed automatically and applied to the product or package by pressing a button. These achieve optimal labelling results when used for small to mid-size batches of varying shapes. For just-in-time label printing, thermal transfer print modules are integrated to print the most current data in the form of text, graphics and barcodes prior to making the label available for application.

Fully automated systems

Our fully automated label dispensers are excellently suited for integration into existing transport systems. Using a mobile stand, the dispensers can be deployed for use on different processing lines.

This label dispenser series distinguishes itself especially through its robust construction and extreme flexibility. Of course, a print module to print labels can also be integrated.

The top of the line is represented by the fully automatic labelling systems, also available with an integrated printing station, if required. They can apply labels on all sides, from above, on the side and from below, as well as around one or more corners. They are suitable not only for stand-alone operation, but also for integration into existing production lines.

We at TOKO design the complete printing and dispensing system according to your individual needs and are happy to deliver the complete system. Intervals smaller than one second or a dispensing accuracy of +/- a tenth of a millimetre is the level of quality to which we hold ourselves.

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