Code-Scanner - Informationen sicher lesen und verarbeiten
code scanner - read and process information safely

Gather - precise, easy and fast

Scanners are used in many places in various designs.

Scanners have become indispensible for fast and easy data capture. They automate processes most efficiently and reduce errors and working times.

Code recognition happens visually using either red or infrared light. Each scanner consists of the reading unit and decoding unit. The decoded data are then transmitted to higher-level systems via different interfaces.

Classic areas of application for handheld scanners are, for example, in commissioning in warehouses, in checkout areas such as in supermarkets or at admission controls for scanning tickets.

There is a large number of possible devices for the various requirements. Important features are high reading distances, e.g. for high racks in the warehouse, protection classes such as IP65 or IP67 against dust and water, drop specifications, weight and battery capacity for wireless scanners. These work via Bluetooth or WLAN and have different ranges.

With the help of hand scanners, you can scan 1D or 2D codes as well as common barcodes, QR codes, etc.

Tell us your Auto-ID requirements, we will be happy to advise you and will certainly find the right scanner for your application.