Manuelle Spendesysteme zur Applikation von Etiketten wie Spendezangen
Manual systems for applying labels

Manual label dispenser systems

A third hand would often be useful to manually process labels.

In addition to (semi-)automatic label dispensers, TOKO also supplies you with manual label dispensing systems for processing adhesive labels. These manual auxiliary systems range from the manual label dispenser to the table label dispenser.

Hand label dispensers are characterized by their low weight and therefore easy handling. As manual and wireless systems, they are not tied to one location and can be used anywhere.

Accordingly, they have a great advantage over table label dispensers. If in doubt, most of them can be attached to a wrist or belt with a loop.

Table label dispensers automatically push the label forward and partially detach it from the label release liner so that it can be easily removed at the dispensing edge. After removal, the following label is also immediately pushed into the desired position at the dispensing edge.

This significantly improves the workflow, especially since the positioning at the dispensing edge can be varied depending on the needs of the user or the requirements of the label due to its size, shape and rigidity.

There are also table label dispensers as simple, manual systems. They are robust and also make it easier to detach the label from the backing paper.

Depending on the version of the dispenser, several types of labels can also be placed on the table dispenser's holding axis at the same time, so that all the labels required for a workstation are immediately accessible.

Both systems, hand and table label dispensers, are available in different widths and designs.