Die guten Freunde Ihres Druckers
Die guten Freunde Ihres Druckers

So that you can still print tomorrow with power

The printhead is the main component of your label printer. Proper maintenance and service determine its length of service. This is why we offer all the supplies necessary for cleaning and maintaining label printer and dispenser systems.

This includes pressurised air to clean dust and particles off devices and their components. With cleaning tape for the printhead, it is also possible to remove even burnt-on thermal ribbon residues. Our complete cleaning and maintenance set for label printers makes life the simplest: Here, you will find everything that you need to keep your printer working for years.

So that your printer and dispenser systems are up and running each day and the risk of interruption to your production processes can be minimised, regularly scheduled servicing is necessary. Take advantage of our repair service or even better our preventive maintenance service that includes regular maintenance of your printer and dispenser systems – customised for the devices and their print volumes.

Maintenance supplies and service

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