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Software: Label printing with Loftware

Print your own labels - the label you want is just a click away

If you want to print your labels yourself, we recommend using label software such as NiceLabel. Common software such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop will quickly no longer be sufficient.

What added value does labeling software offer me?

Label printing software helps you design, manage and standardize your label layouts.

Usually, with other programs, you create one file per print layout. This means that you create huge amounts of files in a very short time, use up storage space, have to introduce and maintain a strict order and naming, but can still quickly lose track.

We will explain the specific advantages that label printing software offers you below.


Examples from our customers' everyday work:

The easily accessible user interface in the style of common office programs makes it easy to get started. You will be able to create QR codes and barcodes directly in your label printing software and add text, graphics and other elements.

The software supports you in standardizing your labeling processes and thus helps you increase your printing productivity. Above all, you can make the structure of your file storage much clearer. For example, if you have a specific print layout that requires multiple fill quantities, you can create a file and create the values ​​to be entered as variables. This way, you have one file, one uniform layout and can easily select or enter the desired information using a selection field or free field in the print mask.

You can also insert certain data from connected data sources (Excel, databases, etc.). This means you can cover hundreds of layouts with one file. If you have a label layout that needs to adapt dynamically at one point (e.g. when printing ascending serial numbers or different information texts depending on the sales market and national language), Loftware Cloud makes your label printing much easier.

You can also regulate label printing very well by granting or withholding certain authorizations to individual employees (changing the print layout, granting print approval, changing print masks, triggering printing, etc.).

Which of these functions you need and the number of printer licenses required determine the software to be used. If you do not need all of the functions, the inexpensive entry-level version may be sufficient.

In addition to the software itself, we would also be happy to provide you with a quote for a printing solution tailored to your application within the software if you have any special requests for implementation.

What you should know…

This is what you should know in order to make a decision:

  • How many printers do you want to implement at the start?
  • How many printers will you implement in the long term?
  • Do you want to connect databases?
  • What special requests do you have for the software with regard to your workflow?

This is what you need to use it:

  • Microsoft or Google Account for login

Is there a demo or advice?

  • We would be happy to advise you! Use our contact form or give us a call!
  • We would also be happy to give you a test access so that you can get to know the software for at least 14 days.

What software options are available?

You receive the software as a cloud solution, so you don't have to worry about IT-specific issues such as installation, maintenance, updates, etc. An on-premise version for local installation is also available.

Both the on-premise and cloud versions are available in different versions, each of which has additional functional content as described above and a higher maximum number of printers.

If your company also has a growing need for license keys for additional printers or end devices, extensions can be purchased within the maximum possible printer licenses. Upgrades to versions with increased functionality are sometimes possible.

Optionally, you can also exchange the included support for prioritized support (Standard or Platinum) for an additional charge - depending on your needs.

All software versions, whether cloud or on-premise, are only available as a subscription. The term is 12 months. You can find more information about the individual version contents online on the respective article page in our shop.

Below you will find an overview of all Loftware Cloud versions:

 printer licenses 
 printer licenses 
Loftware Cloud Designer 110  Basic (*) 
Loftware Cloud Essentials 220  Basic (*) 
Loftware Cloud Business - Small 3unlimited  Standard (**) 
Loftware Cloud Business - Large 50unlimited  Standard (**) 
Loftware Cloud Compliance - Small  3unlimited  Standard (**) 
Loftware Cloud Compliance - Large  50unlimited  Standard (**) 





* Email support | ** priority email & phone support during business hours
Platinum Support with global 24/7 availability for individual versions is also available for an additional charge.

Areas of application

With the help of the label software, you can control any printer from our inkjet and thermal / transfer range. As a result, in addition to the software package tailored to your needs, we can also easily find the ideal printer for your purposes.

The wide variety of possible combinations of printer and software ensures that it can be used almost everywhere: in retail, in gastronomy, industry, healthcare, ticketing and many other areas and sectors.