Comparison quality levels spit protection visors / droplet deflectors


With our spit protection visor / face mask you have the advantages on your side!


The advantages of the spit protection visor / face shield over conventional face masks include:

  • your facial expressions remain readable - a particularly important point when dealing directly with your customers and fellow human beings
  • protection of the mucous membranes of your eyes
  • prevents reflexive touching of one's own face in everyday life
  • no plucking around like with face masks possible and necessary - important, as especially the hands and the outside of the mask can come into contact with the virus
  • enables easy breathing during physically demanding activities - ideal, for example, when clearing goods in retail stores
  • your mouth is not exposed to a permanently humid climate as with face masks - surface offers no nutrients to bacteria and fungi
  • our visor is washable / disinfectable and can be reused as long as required - face masks are often disposable products or have to be washed accordingly
  • cheaper than disposable face masks - because you can use the visor for as long as you want, in the event of damage, we also offer replacement visors
  • glasses wearers have less struggle with fogged up glasses and have enough space

Keep an eye on things - our spit protection visor / face shield

With your personal faceshield, your smile is not hidden and you can still breathe freely!

The following points characterize our spit protection visor:

  • visor replacement in under a minute
  • elastic frame adapts to your head shape
  • high comfort without any padding
  • therefore easily washable / desinfectable and reusable
  • skin-friendly material
  • only 65g total weight
  • spacer also offers enough space for spectacle wearers
  • generous corner radii in the lower area for more freedom of movement
  • replacement visors can be reordered
  • 100% Made in Germany

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