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Spit protection visor / Face shield

In the course of the corona pandemic, our spit protection visor has established itself due to its advantages over face masks.

In addition to medical and self-sewn masks or even simple scarves, more and more countries are also adopting face shields as an alternative to covering the mouth and nose.


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Such a visor offers some invaluable advantages over the previously prescribed masks, for example:

  • Facial expressions remain legible,
  • Your eyes are additionally protected
  • You cannot intuitively touch your face
  • and glasses wearers have less to struggle with fogged glasses.

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Spit protection visors / Face shield as complete set

With our complete visor set, you are well-equipped.

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Exchange visors

Because replacement is better than disposal - replacement visors for your spit protection visor / face shield directly from the manufacturer.

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Visors containing your die cut

Do you have your own ideas about the perfect visor film? We help you with the implementation.

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