Replacement visors for spit protection visors / droplet deflectors

Because >renewing the visor< is better than >disposing of face masks<

The spit protection visors / face shields are subject to many influences. If your face shield shows damages after intensive use, you can order replacement visors at any time, if wanted & with a sufficient number, also with your individual die-cut.

You get our visors in two versions:

  • as a qualitative "highly transparent visor"
  • as an impressively high-quality "crystal-clear visor" with protective film

Both versions are free from conspicuous cloudiness, any distortion or the resulting blurring. Instead, contours remain sharp when looking through our visors and, in the case of our crystal-clear visor, you get particularly fantastic color fastness.

Our exchange visors are available in a practical pack of 10 but also more if ordered in larger quantities.

Pay attention to the enclosed cleaning instructions of your spit protection visor / face shield in order to achieve a long service life.

The replacement visors are easy to clean and can be washed and disinfected. To do this, place your visor on a cotton or microfiber cloth and use such a cloth for cleaning to avoid damage.

This allows you to reuse our frame as often as required and your replacement visor remains ready for use for several days to months, depending on the work environment, period and handling.

In comparison to conventional disposable face masks, for which only a single use is strongly recommended, our face shield is significantly cheaper and more sustainable!

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