Schulungen und Wartungsarbeiten durch TOKO für Etiketten, Etikettendrucker und Software
Impart know-how, maintain reliability

Training & maintenance

Expertly imparted know-how & making reliability foreseeable

Any label printing system can only be as good as the person who maintains and operates it. We offer numerous training measures so that you know your system and can operate it optimally.


Training - label software

On the one hand, this includes the software for your product. Appropriate instructions for the NiceLabel label software, which we sell, prepare you optimally, so that you get to know the basic functions and the production processes are simplified for you right from the start.


Training - label printers

We offer you initial training and in-depth training for your printers. The latter deal with both the operation and the professional cleaning / maintenance of your printer.

This applies to both thermal and thermal transfer printers sold by us as well as to inkjet label printers.

Depending on your requirements and the level of knowledge of the training participants, the thematic focuses are set variably. Depending on the product, you can either familiarize your marketing department with the basics or have your internal technology department updated with a more in-depth printer course.


Training - label material

There is also the possibility to learn more about the label materials, so that you know about the properties and strengths of the materials you are using.



Label printing systems have to be serviced regularly so that they stay reliable even after many years.

This is a task that you are welcome to leave to us: We offer you maintenance contracts individually according to the type of device. Maintenance can be carried out both at our company and on site at your company location. Depending on the maintenance interval, we will take care of your printer and ensure that you do not have to worry about anything. So you can be sure that everything works smoothly and that you will not be slowed down by poor maintenance of your printers.

In the event of a problem, we are of course available to you with our experience. We are happy to take over the repair of your printers and also supply you with the necessary spare parts or additional equipment.