Optimize processes with mobile thermal label printers
Optimize processes with mobile thermal label printers

Mobile thermal label printer

The small, mobile label printers

Ready to use - anywhere and anytime

Mobile direct thermal printers allow labels to be printed on the spot. This means that mobile employees are more efficient because there are no unnecessary routes to the printing station.


Product features

Regardless of whether for applications on the go, on forklifts during transport and logistics activities, in the cold store for mass labeling, for labeling in retail stores or for mobile activities for printing barcode labels to secure evidence, there are innumerable applications in which only on site labels with current data must be created.

Mobile printers can make everyday work considerably easier. For outdoor use, the devices are protected against dust and splash water.

The QLn series by Zebra

The QLn series consists of three direct thermal devices: QLn220, QLn320 and QLn420.

All devices achieve a printing speed of up to 102 mm/s and have protection class IP43 (IP54 with a soft case).

They differ primarily in terms of size, which is accompanied by an increased print width but also an increased weight.

The QLn220 has a 48 mm print width at 570 g. The QLn320 48 mm print width and 730 g, whereas the QLn420 has 104 mm print width but 1110 g.A soft case, straps and various charging stations are optionally available in addition to a battery extension.

The ZQ300 series by Zebra

The ZQ300 series, consisting of the ZQ310 and the slightly larger ZQ320, prints your labels at 203 dpi via direct thermal printing.

In addition to the device size, you differ by the maximum print width (ZQ310 = 48 mm; ZQ320 = 72 mm) and the material width (ZQ310 = 58 mm; ZQ320 = 80 mm).

At 370 g for the smaller ZQ310 and 430 g for the ZQ320, the devices are extremely light.

The maximum roll outer diameter is 40 mm. The printing speed gets up to 100 mm/s.

WLAN, Bluetooth and USB serve as interfaces. The devices also have protection class IP54.Other optional accessories such as carrier bags, straps and charging and docking stations are available.

Mobile Thermodirektdrucker ZQ310 und ZQ320 von Zebra

The ZQ500 series by Zebra

The ZQ500 series consists of two models, the ZQ510 and the ZQ520.

Both printers have a resolution of 203 dpi for direct thermal printing and achieve a maximum printing speed of 127 mm/s.

The ZQ510 has a maximum print width of 72 mm. The inserted media can take a maximum of 80 mm + 1 mm in width and 51 mm in the outside diameter of the material roll.

The ZQ510 is also generally smaller (150 x 120 x 62 mm) and lighter (630 g).

The ZQ520 in turn has a maximum print width of 104 mm with a maximum media width of 113 mm + 1 mm. The inserted roll can have an outer diameter of up to 57 mm.

As a result, the ZQ520 reaches 158 x 155 x 67 mm and weighs 790 g.

In addition, both devices are protected against dust and splash water and can withstand falls of up to 2 m. For this purpose, the devices have the protection standard IP54.

Optional equipment such as an exoskeleton housing increases this value to 3 m, which means that the device even meets the IP65 standard.

Other optional accessories are mounting plates for vehicles, hand straps, shoulder belts or various chargers.

Areas of application

The common areas of application for these printers are in retail for price or shelf labeling and for printing receipts.

The mobile devices are also suitable for transport and logistics. Receipts, reports or delivery receipts are printed there.

They are also used in manufacturing or with authorities, for example when issuing electronic warnings such as parking violations.