Proven middle class - thermal label printer
Proven middle class - thermal label printer

Mid-range - thermal label printer

Continuous use in a harsh environment

Continuous use in a harsh environment

In the proven middle class, we supply label printers that are suitable for continuous use on desks or in harsher production environments.

If you also need multi-color labels with comparable requirements then take a look at our inkjet label printers!


Product features

The middle-class printers are in terms of dimensions and designs between the entry-level models and the high-end devices. Although they are larger than entry-level models, they can still find a place on your desk.

At the same time, they open up further possibilities for your label printing. You can also use label design software such as NiceLabel.

Zebra offers the ZT200 and ZT400 series, which are available as 4" - 6" printing widths.

The ZT200 series by Zebra

The ZT200 series is basically divided into two models, the ZT220 and the ZT230.

The ZT220 has two print resolutions: 203 and 300 dpi. It is also available as a thermal and thermal transfer printer.

The maximum print width is 104 mm (4"). All versions have a USB and serial connection, in addition there are some versions with Ethernet.

It has a robust polymer housing that ensures low weight.

The ZT230 in turn has significantly more equipment options. Possible print resolution, width and technology coincide with the ZT220.

However, the ZT230 also has model versions as a peeler, cutter or with liner take-up and has multiple connectivity options such as parallel, Ethernet or wireless.The housing is made of metal and is therefore more suitable for industrial environments than the ZT220. The LCD screen in turn enables extensive operation directly on the device.

The ZT400 series by Zebra

The ZT400 series includes the ZT411 and ZT421 models, both of which are able to print using direct thermal and thermal transfer printing.

The ZT411 is available with print resolutions of 203, 300, 600 dpi. The maximum print width is 104 mm (4 "), the maximum print speed is 356, 254 or 102 mm / s depending on the underlying dpi number.

The ZT421 offers print resolutions of 203 and 300 dpi at 168 mm (6 ") maximum print width. The maximum print speed is 305 mm / s with 203 dpi and 254 mm / s at 300 dpi.

Contrary to their predecessors, both printers now have a color touch display. They are also available with the versions peel, cutter, liner take-up and rewind. Both also have the following interfaces: parallel, wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet.

The housing of both devices is made of metal.

The Mach 4S by cab

The Mach 4S, like all of the thermal printers presented, is available in different versions. There is a version with a tear-off edge, dispensing function or cutting knife - always with a centered material guide.

The print resolution ranges from 203 to 300 to 600 dpi. Apart from the 600 dpi version, all models are able to print using both thermal transfer and direct thermal.

The highest possible printing speed is 250 mm / s at 203 dpi and up to 300 mm / s at 300 dpi. The version with 600 dpi print resolution enables a maximum of 150 mm / s.

The maximum print width varies only slightly between 104-108 mm among the various equipment options.

The material can be unwound from both a 38 mm diameter core and a 76 mm diameter core.

The carrier material can be between 9-120 mm (38 mm core diameter) and 25-120 mm (76 mm core diameter).

At 6 kg, the plastic-clad printer is extremely light. It can also be operated using a touch display.Standard interfaces include USB, USB host and Ethernet. WLAN and Bluetooth are optional.

Thermo-Drucker Mach4S von cab mit Etikett

Areas of application

The common areas of application for these printers are in transportation, retail or manufacturing. Shipping labels, inventory labels, system labels or packing slips are labeled there. They are also suitable for printing nameplates and sometimes also for admission tickets.