Thermal label printer for system integration
Thermal label printer for system integration

Industrial printing modules - thermal label printer

Integration in every system

Labeling systems with thermal printing

These printers are designed to be integrated into fully automatic printing and labeling machines. Their performance therefore corresponds to that of high-end printers.


The ZE500 by Zebra

The ZE500 is a thermal transfer printing module for integration in labeling systems and is therefore clearly different from the other models in terms of appearance and function.

Accordingly, the ZE500 is unable to wind up or unwind labels independently.

It is ideal for particularly high print volumes and the integration mentioned above.

The ZE500 is available as a 4" as well as a 6" printer. At the same time, there is a left-handed and a right-handed version.

The resolution of the ZE500 is 203 or 300 dpi at a print speed of 305 mm/s. An exception is the combination of 300 dpi and 168mm print width, which only reaches 254 mm/s.

The design of this print module enables wear parts to be changed in a few minutes without having to access the printer's rear electronics.

The wide opening makes it easy to clean and replace the printhead. With the new modular quick-change drive system, maintenance and repair work on the printer can now be carried out even faster.

The new graphic display can be removed and rotated, which ensures more flexible positioning of the print modules during use and integration.

It can be controlled via the parallel interface (Centronics® compatible), as well as via serial (RS-232), USB2.0, internal print server, etc.

The HERMES Q by cab

The design of the available specifications of the HERMES Q is familiar to the high-end printer Squix. So there is a 2-, 4-, 4.3- and 6.3-inch variant.

In addition to the name-determining difference in the printing width, various resolutions and printing speeds are available. In addition to a 300 dpi version, the Hermes Q2 and Q4 also have a 600 dpi model.

Most versions have a maximum print speed of up to 300 mm/s. Only the two 600 dpi versions (150 mm/s) and the Hermes Q6.3 (250 mm/s) are a bit slower due to the high print resolution / width.

In addition to thermal transfer printing, the HERMES Q4.3 and HERMES Q6.3 can also be used as direct thermal printers.

The maximum roll diameter of all versions is 205 or 305 mm.

As with the Zebras ZE500, the HERMES Q has a left and right-handed version (HERMES QL or QR). An enclosing lid as dust or contact protection is optionally available.

The touch control panel makes handling the device easier and can also be retrofitted as an external control panel and thus positioned freely.

The interfaces available are USB, USB host, Ethernet, 25-pin I / O interface, serial RS232C and a SD card slot.

Thermo-Drucker HERMES Q von cab mit Etikett