Information about just-in-time
Information about just-in-time

Thermal label printer

Current information "Just In Time" on your product or packaging thanks to direct thermal and thermal transfer printers.

Roughly summarized, thermal label printers can be divided into three classes: the entry-level, middle class and high-end industrial devices. All of the printers we sell meet one criterion: in their class they offer the best quality for the money.

The following applies to thermal label printers: thermal printing is very inexpensive, although readability period is limited, particularly with direct thermal printing. Labels of this type are ideal for a short period of use, such as on shipping labels.

Thermal transfer printing, on the other hand, gives you a slightly longer readability. Incidentally, many thermal transfer printers are also able to act as direct thermal printers.

If you need multi-colored labels our inkjet label printers might be particularly suitable for you while printing in high resolution, for example for show labels. Here you can even get, depending on the printer, water-resistant or even seawater-resistant printing.

The label software NiceLabel we offer is suitable for all of these applications, whether inkjet or thermal printing.

Of course, you can also get all kinds of accessories from us, such as thermal transfer film, scanner, maintenance supplies and much more.


The best way to find the right printer is to talk to us directly, because the right solution always depends on the individual application. So we find the right model with exactly the desired properties.

At TOKO you can get printers from well-known manufacturers - such as Zebra or cab. You will find a first overview on the sub-pages of our thermal label printers.

Basic models

Basic models are the right choice if you need to print labels only every now and then or only a small number of labels at a time. These printers are very compact and fit on every desk.

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Mid-range models

In the reliable mid-range category, TOKO supplies label printers which have an excellent print resolution up to 600 dpi. They are suitable for continual use on desks or in more rugged production areas.

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TOKO‘s high-end printers are extremely stable and virtually indestructible with well thought-out designs. They provide excellent print resolution up to 600 dpi, a printing width up to 216 mm, and the highest printing speeds of up to 300 mm/sec.

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Portable printers

Mobile direct thermal printers allow labels to be printed on the spot. Mobile workers are more efficient because there are no unnecessary routes to the printing station.


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Industrial print modules

These printers are designed for integration into fully automated printing and labelling machines.

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