Compact thermal label printer
Compact thermal label printer

Basic models - thermal label printer

Compact printers for flexible use

The little partner on your desk

Basic models are the right choice if you need to print labels only every now and then or only a small number of labels at a time. These printers are very compact and fit on every desk.

If you also need multi-color labels with comparable requirements then take a look at our inkjet label printers, for example the Epson ColorWorks C3500!


Product features

Printers that can be assigned to this category primarily benefit from their compact design. They are characterized by ease of use, integration and administration as well as low operating costs.

Zebra offers the ZD420 and ZD620 models in this segment, which are 4" printers.

The ZD420 series by Zebra

The ZD420 is available in various versions, including as a direct thermal and thermal transfer printer.

Depending on the version, it has a print resolution of 203 or 300 dpi and a maximum print speed of 102 to 152 mm/s.All ZD420 have a USB port and USB host. Other connection options depend on the selected version.

Thermo-Drucker ZD420t von Zebra

The ZD620 series by Zebra

You can also get the ZD620 as a direct thermal and thermal transfer printer.

The ZD620 also has a print resolution of 203 or 300 dpi but with a maximum print speed of 152 to 203 mm/s depending on the version.

Some versions have an LCD display so that they can make settings directly on the device itself.USB, USB host, Ethernet and a serial interface are installed as standard.

Similarities of the entry-level models ZD420 & ZD620

Both series have different options for the available interfaces such as USB, USB host, WLAN, Ethernet or Bluetooth.

A peeler or cutter function is also available.

The printers mostly work with a maximum print width of 104 mm, in exceptional cases with the ZD420 also with 108 mm.

A big advantage of the ZD series in general: The printers can process ribbons with a length of 300 m in thermal transfer printing. This is an enormous increase compared to the GX series with only 74 running meters. So now you'll save a lot of time by changing the ribbon less.

There are special versions of the ZD420 and ZD620 for use in the healthcare sector as a "healthcare model". This version consists of disinfectant-resistant plastic, a sealed button surface and a power supply unit certified for use in the healthcare sector.

All printers come with Windows printer drivers. It can be used to print labels from numerous standard applications.

There is also inexpensive label design software especially for these entry-level models, which makes entry-level label printing even easier. For more extensive design options, we would like to refer to the NiceLabel label software.


To summarize: the difference in name of the printer versions

Zebra ZD420d - The "d" means "direct". This printer prints your labels entirely without an ink ribbon.
Zebra ZD420t - The "t" stands for "transfer". These printers are designed as thermal transfer printers, but also have the option of being used as direct thermal printers.
Zebra ZD420t-hc - The additional "hc" stands for "healthcare". As mentioned above, these printers are specially designed for use in healthcare.


Areas of application

The common areas of application for these printers are in transportation, retail or manufacturing as shipping labels, inventory labels or system labels.

The healthcare version is also suitable for use in healthcare, for example for labeling laboratory samples or the like.