Inkjet label printer VIPColor VP600 for multi-color labels
Fast Memjet printer with external unwinder

VIPColor VP600 / VP650

Fast Memjet printer with external unwinder

Compact design, fast printing speed & high print resolution

The VP600 from VIPColor enables you to produce your multi-color labels quickly and cost-effectively.

With the VP650 version you are also able to print water-resistant labels.

Prices - VIPColor VP600 / VP650

  • VIPColor VP600 = 3.950,00 €* RRP // (incl. 19% VAT = 4.700,50 €) (VP-600-COMPLETE)
  • VIPColor VP650 = 4.850,00 €* RRP // (incl. 19% VAT = 5.771,50 €) (VP-650-COMPLETE)
  • Delivery time: dispatches 3-4 business days after order received, depending on stock levels
  • delivery only within DACH
  • new customers against prepayment

The scope of delivery also includes printhead, ink, waste ink container, IEC connector, USB cable.

Main features of the VP600 / VP650

  • inexpensive inkjet label printer
  • high print resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi
  • water resistant printing (VP650)
  • high print width of 215,9 mm
  • robust housing
Inkjet-Etikettendrucker VIPColor VP600

Product data of the VP600 / VP650

The required minimum width of the label rolls is at least 50.8 mm (2.0 "); the printer can print up to a maximum width of 215.9 mm (8.5").

The maximum print length is 1016 mm (40 ").

Consistent and changing color print layouts are possible with a maximum print resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi.

The highest possible print speed is 203.2 mm / s (8 "/ s). In addition, the VP600 inkjet printer features a compact design.

Compared to the VP600, the VP650 version also offers water-resistant printing.

In summary: the eponymous difference between the versions

  • VIPColor VP600 - standard VIPColor ink
  • VIPColor VP650 - VIPColor ink for water-resistant printing
Inkjet-Etikettendrucker VIPColor VP600 & VP650

Areas of application for the VP600 / VP650

The attributes of compactness, flexibility and color printing enable the use of inkjet label printers in various industries.

These include retail, e.g. for food labelingdrugstore items and other product labeling. In addition, the very good print quality offers the possibility to use the VP600 / VP650 for printing show labels.

The VIPColor VP600 / VP650 is particularly suitable for industrial use due to the high printing speed and the particularly robust housing construction. Thanks to the external unwinder of the VP600 / VP650, the VIPColor VP700 / VP750 could be your choice if the environment is particularly dusty or dirty.

Inkjet printers are also used in ticketing, the printing of visitor badges or for wine and other beverages. In addition to the industry, the printers can also be used in the pharmaceutical or healthcare sectors.

VIPColor quality characteristics

As with all VIPColor inkjet printers in our range, the following advantages also apply to VP600 / VP650:

  • Single cartridges
  • Print on demand
  • Fast drying print
  • Resistance: conditionally light, water and chemical-resistant pigment ink
  • Material surfaces: matt, glossy, paper, PE & PP materials

Of course, we also offer you the round-off after-sales service with the production of the appropriate labels and the delivery of color cartridges at attractive prices.

Inkjet-Etikettendrucker VIPColor VP650 für wasserresistenten Farbdruck

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