Winder & Dispenser for inkjet label printers
Winder & Dispenser for more efficiency

Inkjet printer winder and dispenser

Gain new opportunities and optimize processes with winders and dispensers.

Label dispenser

Dispense your labels directly to the intended product. With the available label dispensers you can cover various application scenarios.

This includes both labelling of preprinted labels by roll and direct inline printing and labeling. There is also the option of labelling round products such as bottles or cans.

Inkjet printer winder & dispenser

In the following video we show you an inline printing with an EPSON C6000Pe inkjet label printer. A wrap-around labeler for bottles and other round containers is used for dispensing. The products to be labeled can have a diameter of 10-110 mm.

Label unwinder

Do you already have pre-printed labels or do you want to switch to a larger roll diameter of your label rolls? This is easily possible with an external label unwinder. In addition, you reduce your workload with fewer roll changes and optimize your work flow with less downtime.

On the one hand, there are very inexpensive unwinders for this, as shown in the following picture using the EPSON C3500. Alternatively, you can also use more complex models that use an external power supply and an additional tensioning arm to keep the label roll at the ideal tension.


Label rewinder

If you want to print roll on roll, you need a label rewinder. Different rewinders are available that support different maximum roll diameters and roll widths.

Unwinder & rewinder combined

Of course, depending on the selected printer, there is also the option of operating the unwinder and winder at the same time on an inkjet label printer. Combine both additions for an even more efficient use of your printer.


We also offer you large roll winders for inkjet automation. In addition to accessories such as winders and dispensers, you will receive further options from us, thanks to which you can further simplify and optimize your work processes. Find out more on the linked subpage or simply speak to us directly!