EPSON ColorWorks inkjet printer extended warranty with CoverPlus
Up to 6 years warranty with EPSON CoverPlus

Epson ColorWorks CoverPlus warranties

Epson offers different CoverPlus packages for its inkjet label printers
Epson CoverPlus warranty extensions for inkjet ColorWorks label printers

With the Epson CoverPlus warranty extensions you can extend the warranty of your EPSON inkjet label printer well beyond the standard warranty period of 12 months. Depending on the device, the maximum possible warranty period is up to 5 years!

Standard warranty


The standard warranty period is 12 months and begins on the date of purchase by the customer. All warranty claims that are made to Epson Service during this period will be taken into account. It contains the Epson product with all Epson parts.

Of course, the guarantee does not apply to supply parts and their replacement such as Ink cartridges. In addition, the device must be used in accordance with the operating instructions and its capacity must not have been exceeded.

In return, Epson promises in the form of the underlying guarantee "that the device is free from manufacturing and material defects that impair or eliminate the functionality of the device".

Die standard warranties at a glance:

CoverPlus warranty extensions: Service type

Basically the CoverPlus packages are an extension of your standard warranty.

However, in addition to a longer warranty period, some warranty packages also offer you additional added value compared to the standard warranty. Instead of the regular bring-in service, where you send your device to Epson, you may receive an on-site service, for example.

Available warranty models are:

  • Return To Base Service (RTBS)
    • Send in the device
  • On Site Service Engineer (OSSE)
    • On-site repairs

The services acquired through CoverPlus packages can therefore vary depending on the selected warranty package (service type / period) and product.


CoverPlus warranty extensions: Warranty periods

Available warranty periods are:

  • 3 years CoverPlus
  • 4 years CoverPlus
  • 5 years CoverPlus 
  • Extension of a 3-year guarantee to 5 years

IMPORTANT: The CoverPlus years do not add up to the standard warranty! For example, if you purchase a CoverPlus warranty extension of 5 years, your device has a total guarantee period of 5 years, but not a 1 year standard guarantee + 5 years CoverPlus guarantee extension.


CoverPlus warranty extensions: Purchase with the printer

You can purchase CoverPlus guarantees for your Epson inkjet label printer directly from us, as well as corresponding printers, consumables and accessories. We will of course be happy to advise you and help you find the CoverPlus warranty that is tailored to your needs.

We generally recommend buying a CoverPlus warranty extension regardless of the device in question.


CoverPlus warranty extensions: CoverPlus after purchasing a printer

If you already have an EPSON ColorWorks printer that does not have a CoverPlus extended warranty yet, you have the option to buy it afterwards. You can buy CoverPlus as long as your device's standard warranty has not yet expired. So feel free to contact us!

The purchase of CoverPlus at a later date does not change the maximum possible warranty period. The date of purchase of your printer is decisive for the warranty period with and without CoverPlus.


CoverPlus warranty extensions: Registration of the warranty extension

We would be happy to register your device for you. Alternatively, you can register it yourself on the Epson homepage at


CoverPlus Warranty extensions: Completion

In order to claim the warranty for your device, you need your invoice documents in particular. Here you should find all the necessary data such as the date of sale, the serial number, seller and device information.

You can call Epson Service to request a corresponding guarantee. Before doing this, however, you should check your device using self-test programs. Of course we are also at your disposal to solve your problem.

If it is not possible to remedy the error remotely, you will receive a repair / replacement by Epson or its service partner, in accordance with your guarantee package.


CoverPlus warranty extensions: Warranty Check

You can check the current warranty status of your Epson ColorWorks printer at the following link:


CoverPlus warranty extensions: CoverPlus number

Based on your CoverPlus number, you can easily infer the underlying service. It is composed as follows:

CoverPlus (CP) + warranty period in years (03/04/05) + service type (RTBS/OSSE) + internal Epson reference number; for example: CP05OSSECH77