The best combined, the new C8000 for prints at 300 mm/s
Das Beste vereint, der neue C8000 für Drucke mit 300 mm/s

Epson ColorWorks C8000e

The best combined: The C8000e merges the strengths of the C7500 with those of the C6000. Additionally, it can now print on materials up to 0,6 mm thickness - ideal for your ticketing and other cardboard materials.

Multicoloured labels at top speed

The Epson ColorWorks C8000e is a high-performance printer for maximum print speeds and quality.

Thanks to a height-adjustable printhead as a unique feature, it can print on materials up to 0.6 mm thick.

Prices - Epson ColorWorks C8000

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Main features of the C8000e

  • High print speed of up to 300 mm/s at maximum print resolution
  • High print resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi
  • Adjustable sensor for custom-shaped labels
  • Height-adjustable print head for thick materials up to 0.6mm, such as tickets
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, among others
  • Especially robust and reliable label printer with a metal housing
  • 480ml ink packs for more content and less waste

What's new?

Much more important are the major innovations of the C8000e compared to its predecessor C7500, which you will find listed below:

  • Max. material thickness: up to 0.6 mm (height-adjustable print head)
  • Min. material width: 25.4 mm (only with internal label unwinder, otherwise 50.0 mm)
  • Material transport: vacuum plate + 2 rubber rollers (instead of star rollers & conveyor belts)
  • Material sensor: laterally adjustable, ideal for special shapes
  • Ink container: plastic bag (-75% plastic)
  • Ink volume: 480 ml (instead of 294 ml)
  • Ink scheme: CMY + MK or BK; identical ink to C6x00 series
  • Connections: Ethernet; supplemented by: USB 3.0, WLAN (optional)
  • Compatibility: Windows, ZPL II; supplemented by: SAP ABAP, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Web SDK, Cloud Printing via Loftware, BarTender, Codesoft

Product data of the C8000e

The C8000e series essentially consists of one printer model. The only variations are the two different black ink cartridges for matte (mk) and glossy (bk) materials. Thus, the successor to the C7500 follows the same ink scheme as the C4000, C6000, and C6500 series. Additionally, it uses the same ink as the C6x00 series, but the ink volume increases to a notable 480 ml.

Summary: The naming difference of the printer versions

  • Epson ColorWorks C8000e (bk) - Black ink specifically for glossy media
  • Epson ColorWorks C8000e (mk) - Black ink specifically for matte materials

The C8000e has a maximum material width of 112 mm (4.4 ") with a print width of up to 108 mm (4.3 ").

The required minimum width of the medium is 50 mm for externally fed label rolls and 25.4 mm when using the internal label unwinder.

What sets the C8000e apart from other label printers in the ColorWorks family is the printable material thickness: with the C8000e, you can easily print on materials up to 0.6 mm thick. Additionally, the sensor for material detection can be moved sideways, making it ideal for custom shapes.

The inkjet label printer achieves a print resolution of up to 600 x 1200 dpi. The great strength of the C8000e is its tremendous print speed. It can reach a print speed of up to 300 mm/s at full print resolution.

The printer can be controlled by various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as SAP ABAP, iOS, and Android.


Areas of application of the C8000e

The attributes of compactness, flexibility, and color printing enable the use of inkjet label printers in various industries, including retail, food labeling, pharmacy items, beverage labeling, and other product labeling.

Thanks to its height-adjustable print head, the C8000e is particularly suitable for ticketing, printing visitor passes or on cardboard materials such as price tags. But the printer is also ideal for textured papers such as beverage or wine labels. The use of the C8000 is particularly suitable there due to the high material thickness due to embossing. The good print quality enables the printing of attractive show labels.

Thanks to its high printing speed and robustness, the Epson C8000e is also particularly suitable for industrial use, for example in production lines and anywhere where many color labels are needed in a short time.

Epson quality characteristics

As with all Epson inkjet printers in our range, the following advantages also apply to the C8000e

  • Single cartridges, as ink bags with 85% less disposal volume
  • Print on demand
  • Fast drying print
  • Resistance: conditionally light, water and chemical-resistant pigment ink
  • Material surfaces: matt, glossy, paper, PE & PP materials

For Epson products there is also a "Cartridge Collection & Recycling Program". Here you can collect your supplies, such as your used ink cartridges, and send them back to Epson. If you are also interested in sustainable label materials, you should take a look at our inkjet compatible grass paper.

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