Integration-capable inkjet printer with peeler
Integration-capable inkjet printer with peeler

Epson ColorWorks C6000 / C6500

If you care about the highest quality and a remarkable range of functions, then the Epson C6000 / C6500 inkjet printers are just what you are looking for!

Integration-capable inkjet printer with dispenser function

The new Epson ColorWorks C6000 series breaks new ground for inkjet printers in many ways.

In addition to the high resolution, the C6000 series is also available with a peeler or auto cutter.


Product data of the C6000 / C6500

The Epson ColorWorks C6000 has a maximum material width of 112 mm (4,4 ") with a print width of up to 108 mm (4,3 "). On the other hand, the C6500 can even handle material widths up to 215,9 mm (8,5 ") and print widths up to 211,9 mm (8,3 ").

The required minimum media width is only 25,4 mm (1 ") for both printers. There are no limits for the print length, so nothing stands in the way of "banner printing".

The C6000 series is capable of printing with a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi and achieves a maximum print speed of 119,5 mm / s (300 x 600 dpi).

The printers can be controlled by various operating systems, including: Windows, Mac, Linux, SAP and has a compatibility with native drivers. In addition, the printers are easy to integrate in printing and dispensing stations.

Both the C6000 and the C6500 differ in two different variants. One version is equipped with the usual automatic cutting knife (C6000Ae / C6500Ae). The other version is the first to have a peeler function on inkjet printers (C6000Pe / C6500Pe).

Thanks to the peeler function and easy integration, the printers are suitable for automation through "Print & Apply". With WebConfig you can also view settings and status information conveniently through your browser and adjust it if necessary.

The ink consumption has been optimized, thus reducing the amount of ink per print. Correspondingly cheaper is the single label. You also have "Spot Color Matching" to adjust the print result to achieve a specific target color.


Areas of application of the C6000 / C6500

The attributes of compactness, flexibility and color printing enable the use of inkjet label printers in various industries.

These include retail, e.g. for food labeling, drugstore items and other product labeling. The excellent print quality makes Epsons C6000 and C6500 particularly suitable for all kinds of show labels.

Inkjet printers are also used in ticketing, the printing of visitor badges or for wine and other beverages. The printers can also be used in industry, pharmacy or healthcare.


Epson quality characteristics

As with all Epson inkjet printers in our range, the following advantages also apply to the C6000 / C6500:

  • Single cartridges
  • Print on demand
  • Fast drying print
  • Resistance: conditionally light, water and chemical-resistant pigment ink
  • Material surfaces: matt, glossy, PE & PP materials

For Epson products there is also a "Cartridge Collection & Recycling Program". Here you can collect your supplies, such as your used ink cartridges, and send them back to Epson. If you are also interested in sustainable label materials, you should take a look at our inkjet compatible grass paper.

The one-year warranty can be extended via "CoverPlus" - consisting of optional warranty packages. In the package with on-site repair or replacement, up to 4 years are possible. Up to 5 years warranty is possible in the package that requires the return of the device by yourself.

Of course, we also offer you the round-off after-sales service with the production of the appropriate labels and the delivery of color cartridges at attractive prices.

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