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Sustainable labels

Sustainable, easy on resources, forward-looking

In the context of current trends towards more sustainability, TOKO offers alternatives to common label materials. This includes both paper and foil labels.

New resource-saving, future-oriented technologies and materials create different approaches that also represent a suitable alternative for your purposes.

To do this, we use 3 approaches:

  • Alternative materials take up new techniques and create attractive solutions by using more sustainable raw materials. A wide range of label materials use grass, sugar cane, stone and organic waste in the form of citrus fruits, grapes and barley for example. Even materials that have not been so widely represented are available in the case of sufficient quantities.
  • Recycling materials, on the other hand, use existing waste and by-products, which are re-used in the sense of a circular economy. For this purpose, old paper, post-consumer waste (PCW) and post-industrial waste (PIW) are used.
  • Constantly optimized use of materials also creates more sustainability. It can be found in the form of optimized adhesive application and reduced material thickness. In addition to the sustainability requirement, these label materials ensure a larger number of labels per roll, which reduces your downtime by changing rolls. In addition to the efficiency gained, the thinner materials also save you logistics and storage capacities.

Printing by print-on-demand using thermal / thermal transfer printers, inkjet and laser printers is possible for many of the materials.

Paper labels

If you want to focus on recycling in the field of paper labels, you can use material with a waste paper fiber content of 99%.

As an alternative to common paper made from wood pulp, we also have labels with a 50% grass paper content in our portfolio. With its use, completely new paths can be treaded and resources saved on a large scale.

In relation to the otherwise common wood pulp, grass paper offers you the possibility to label your products with particularly ecologically sustainable labels.

The material is versatile, depending on the adhesive you want. Printing with inkjet and laser printers is also possible without any problems. We are happy to offer you the right inkjet printer for your needs.

Foil labels

In addition to sustainable label papers, you also get foil labels with recycled content. We offer you, among other things, self-adhesive materials with a recycling percentage of 85% and more.

We also carry foil labels that are made from paper production residues. The residues from the wood-based pulp production used replace fossil raw materials, making the product even more sustainable. In this way, existing waste products are processed into high-quality label materials using new methods.

We also offer film materials whose film consists of over 80% renewable, plant-based raw materials.

Sustainable materials are available both as PP and PE label films.

Optimized use of materials

In addition to alternative and recycled materials, labels with reduced material thickness also offer high savings potential in electricity, water and greenhouse gases. Thanks to the thinner materials, there is also more space for labels per roll or stack.

Thinner materials than the previously common material thicknesses are available for both paper and foil labels and have almost completely identical properties.

The savings potential of all these products, through a significantly lower consumption of process water, energy in the form of electricity, oil, etc., is immense. Explicitly in the areas of logistics, goods transport, etc., in which very large quantities of label materials are processed, solutions with sustainable labeling are very noticeable in the area of ​​environmental protection.

There are also film materials that are particularly suitable for the efficient recycling of PET and glass bottles thanks to washable adhesives. This optimizes the cleaning process and makes switching from wet-glue labels to self-adhesive labels all the more attractive.