Sustainable, easy on resources, forward-looking

Resource-saving, forward-looking techniques and materials are in demand more than ever. In this case, labels based on grass paper are an option.

In the context of current trends towards more sustainability, TOKO offers alternatives to common label materials.

The use of grass paper can break new ground and saves resources on a large scale. In comparison to the usual wood pulp, grass paper offers you the opportunity to label your products with particularly ecologically sustainable labels.

The material is versatile, depending on the adhesive you want. Printing by inkjet and laser printers is easily possible.

In addition to label papers that contain up to 50% grass, there are also foil labels with recycled content. Self-adhesive materials with up to ~ 20% post industrial waste (PIW) or ~ 30% post consumer waste (PCW) are available.

The savings potential of these products, through a much lower consumption of service water, energy in the form of electricity, oil, etc., is immense. Explicitly in the areas of logistics, goods transport, etc., where very large quantities of label materials are processed, solutions with sustainable labeling are very intensively noticeable in the area of ​​environmental protection.

With the now very large product range of label materials made from renewable resources and recycled content, printing on demand by inkjet and laser printers is possible with many of the materials. You can find more information about the inkjet printers we offer here.

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