Etiketten sind unsere Leidenschaft
Etiketten sind unsere Leidenschaft

It doesn’t always have to be ENDLESS, on a roll or stacked.

Laser labels, inkjet labels, or labels for copiers. Ever since colour laser printers and inkjet printers have been available at affordable prices, sheet labels are very frequently in use again.

Standard papers, polyester foils, paper materials with different grammages and other special materials, for all of these we will choose the right label materials and adhesives in cooperation with you to match your application.

Whether this involves DIN A4, DIN A5, DIN A6 or another sheet size, we will produce sheets with the label format chosen by you. To accomplish this, we will use the die format required by your application. For this, you can draw upon our extensive tool collection. Of course, we also produce individualised label formats on sheets according to your specifications.

The applications are numerous and include mailing labels, address labels, labels for your products, label forms for returning goods, decorative labels, special labels with fluorescent surfaces, and more.