Etiketten sind unsere Leidenschaft
Etiketten sind unsere Leidenschaft

Counterfeits? No, thank you!

The development of a brand product is very intensive in terms of time and expense. Cheap pirated copies often lead to lost profits in the amount of millions. There is hardly an everyday product which is safe from counterfeiting: food, mobile phones, pharmaceuticals, and smoke detectors – low-quality counterfeits are harmful for everyone.

Here is where we enter the scene with our expertise to protect you and your products from piracy with special labels, for TOKO security labels set the limits for counterfeiters. For example, holograms and foils with colour-changing effects serve as overt identification features. These are easy for police, customs officers and consumers to recognise. But the protection offered by TOKO goes a step further: Noticeable only to specialists are the covert technologies that can only be seen with special lamps or lasers.

Through the selection of suitable raw materials, we are also able to protect your products from piracy. As an example, we use tamper-evident products whose properties guarantee one-time use during manufacture since they are impossible to remove in one piece. Just tell us what you need and we will manufacture the right security label – guaranteed.

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