Etiketten sind unsere Leidenschaft
Labels are our passion

Industrial labels

Information for peel off

In modern industrial, production and logistics processes, nothing works without labels: Products, semi-finished products - with or without packaging - have to be recorded, identified and labeled.

Whether this involves a type label, product label or barcode label that clearly identifies the product in the logistics chain – the source of information is the label.

Regardless of whether you need blank labels of a certain size and material, partially printed labels for further processing, or ready-made, multi-colour labels – TOKO is the right partner for you.

TOKO also produces special labels. Based on the requirements the label must fulfil during a particular logistics process. Together with you, we find a label solution that integrates seamlessly into your processes. In doing so, we can deliver type labels, which withstand every kind of weather, and even functional labels with specific shapes and of materials with different adhesive layers. We are even specialists for security labels that make life difficult for product pirates.

In small or large amounts, we custom manufacture the design you desire – and always in top-quality.

Sustainable solutions

Resource-saving and forward-looking techniques and materials are in demand more than ever. In this case, labels based on grass paper are an option.


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Blank labels

Labels are sources of information in the local and global flow of goods. So that your products end up where they are supposed to be, labels that can be individually printed using thermal and thermal transfer printers are needed. We can supply these labels according to your specifications.

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Product labels

Labels put a face on your product. This ranges from small-format labels on memory cards for computers and control systems to advertising labels with an individualised format. The design can be very neutral or the label can be printed in multiple colours with an exquisite layout.

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Functional labels

If it should ever get a little complicated, we will be happy to assist you. For there are always cases, in which labels must have special characteristics.

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Type labels

In contrast to normal label materials for cardboard packaging, type labels must be able to stand up to extreme conditions, such as heat, acids, mechanical friction, poor weather, etc.

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Promotional labels

If it needs to be something special, then you have found the right partner in TOKO: We make the labels for you, with which your product sets itself apart from the masses.

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Security labels

The development of a brand product is very intensive in terms of time and expense. Cheap pirated copies often lead to lost profits in the amount of millions. There is hardly an everyday product which is safe from counterfeiting: food, mobile phones, pharmaceuticals, and smoke detectors – low-quality counterfeits are harmful for everyone.

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Sheet labels

Laser labels, inkjet labels, or labels for copiers. Ever since colour laser printers and inkjet printers have been available at affordable prices, sheet labels are very frequently in use again.

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