Etiketten sind unsere Leidenschaft
Etiketten sind unsere Leidenschaft

When it needs to be something special …

If it should ever get a little complicated, we will be happy to assist you. For there are always cases, in which labels must have special characteristics.

For instance, TOKO sandwich labels can be repeatedly used. They can be placed on temporarily, removed during processing without leaving any residues, and finally fixed permanently in a second position. This is made possible by a variety of stock and coatings, carriers and adhesives, which, depending upon the particular use, are combined and printed, die-cut, and ready to use according to customer needs.

Even multiple labels, labels with a grip tag, or labels with glue-free or neutralised zones on the side where the adhesive is applied can make sense for certain processes. These can simplify handling for the workers and/or optimise your labels by reducing the number of varieties needed.

We produce every kind of functional label according to the individual specifications. These labels are designed in such a manner so that they optimally fit with your production processes. Whether there are external influences, special surfaces to be adhered to, requirements stemming from extreme temperatures and climate conditions, or a need for abrasion resistance or other resistances – we will find the right materials and the best-possible equipment for your intended application.