VIPColor VP650 can be pre-ordered now

VP650 - new inkjet printer for water resistant color labels

The latest model from VIPColor (VP650), an inkjet label printer with water resistant print technology, will be available in the future.

The VP650 is based on the well-known VP600 in terms of construction and equipment, apart from the enhanced water resistance.

Pre-orders for the VP650 are now possible; the first printers are expected to be delivered at the end of March.

For further information we are at your disposal.


The VP650 is characterized by:

  • Resolution: 1,600 x 1,600 dpi
  • Print width: 50.8 to 215.9 mm (2 "- 8.5")
  • Roll diameter: max. 150 mm / 6 "
  • Paper width: 50.8 to 215.9 mm (2 "- 8.5")
  • Print speed: max. 203 mm / s (8 ips)
  • Size (W x D x H): 510 x 640 x 285 mm (depth including external unwinder)
  • Auto-cutter
  • Water resistant printing
VIPColor VP650 now available for pre-order