New VIPColor VP500/VP600 series

Product innovations and changes for inkjet label printers from VIPColor.
VIPColor VP500/VP600 series

Expansion of the printer portfolio

VIPColor expands its printer portfolio by a total of 4 devices. At the same time, the VP600 and VP650 will disappear from the market under their current names. More in the summary below.

The now current VIPColor printers at a glance

  • VP500 / VP550 (***RENAMED!***, formerly VP600 / VP650)
    • external unwinder, max. 203 mm/s, 200ml cartridges
  • VP610 / VP660 (***NEW!***)
    • external unwinder, max 304mm/s, 250ml cartridges
  • VP700 / VP750
    • internal unwinder, max. 304 mm/s, 250ml cartridges

The VP550, VP660 and VP750 versions have water-resistant inks.

In detail: renamed VP600 series

  • VP600 -> VP500
  • VP650 -> VP550

Both of the devices above will continue to be sold with a revised design and a new name. The functions, performance and specifications of the new VP500 series are therefore identical to the previous VP600 series.

In detail: new printers VP610 & VP660

The new VIPColor color label printers VP610 and VP660 rank between the VP500 series and the VP700 series.

Print speed and ink volume exceed the performance characteristics of the former VP600 series.

For the color, the cartridges of the VIPColor VP700 series are used.

Launch date

All models presented will be available from July 1st, 2023. VIPColor VP600 & VP650 are still available with additional discounts for a limited time. Subject to sale.

Price changes

There are currently no price changes announced for the existing device types.