NiceLabel 2017

What´s new? Everything is new!

Familiarity and ease-of-use

The ribbon-based user interface is built on the same principles and user experience as Microsoft Word.

Unmatched reliability

The new platform with a test driven development approach: .NET technology, agile development principles and computer-controlled software testing are used, with tens of thousands of automatic tests being carried out day-by-day and around the clock.


The future-proof platform leverages the latest technology advancements including 64-bit memory, multi-core processors, tablets, touch-screens, HTML5, Web, Cloud and Mobile.

  • A familiar designer
    The intuitive designer helps even first-time users create label templates without IT help, coding or training.
  • Maximize your print productivity and accuracy
    Maximize your print productivity and accuracy.
  • Integrate and automate your printing
    Best practice for accuracy is to automate printing from existing business application and utilize your master data.

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