Labels for wine and spirits

There is passion and quality in your products, so show them off!

For high-quality labeling of your wine, gin, liqueur and other spirits, we offer you labels and printers that additionally enrich your product.

Find out what added value our products and services offer for your wine and spirits labeling.


Sustainable and visually impressive labels

  • Labels made of grass paper underline optically and ecologically a sustainable, natural approach to the resources used, ideal for labeling with the organic logo
  • Structured label materials enable visually and haptically high-quality markings
  • You send the backing paper back to us, so you save disposal costs and the material is actually recycled instead of being disposed
  • Washable labels stay in place when used, but make separation a lot easier when the bottles are recycled or reprocessed
  • Benefit from the latest material innovations, for example through new, thinner label materials that save resources and costs and can still be processed in the usual way
  • Rely on FSC-certified label materials from sustainable forestry

Color labels according to your requirements

  • We will print color labels for you exactly according to your wishes, contact us
  • Do you value independence? Simply print your color labels yourself using an inkjet label printer
    • Your advantages with inkjet label printers:
      • Increased flexibility through printing on demand, e.g. in the course of layout redesigns
      • Low storage costs as there is no need to stock up on various pre-printed labels
      • Daily adjustments such as filling date or similar with label software from NiceLabel
      • Flexibility inkjet printing: Layout adjustments can be made independently at any time
      • Conditionally light, water and chemical resistant print
      • Collect & Recycle recycling program for EPSON ink cartridges
      • Warranty packages for up to 6 years
Inkjet-Etikettendrucker Epson ColorWorks C6500Ae und C6500Pe

We offer you many opportunities, for example, to enrich organic wine from organic viticulture and to completely round off your product range.

Transfer the quality of your wine & spirits to their packaging and labeling.

With over 25 years of experience, we are happy to be your partner, because labels are our passion!