Labels for liquid bottles and e-cigarettes

Simply print unique, individual designs for your liquids yourself

Products such as e-liquids and flavors convince through their high quality, impressive taste and appealing scents.

Inkjet label printers are particularly suitable so that you can also visually transport these sensory impressions of an e-cigarette on your e-liquids, refill packs and other packaging.

In combination with eye-catching materials such as metallizing polyester film, you can add value to your products. The shiny silver surface ensures a particularly high-quality and eye-catching look with vivid colors - perfect for very special products!

Beispiele Musteretiketten Layoutgestaltung Inkjet Liquid E-Zigarette


Inkjet label printers enable you to produce colored self-adhesive labels in exactly the quantities you need.

Printers like the Epson C6000 offer you extremely high print quality and enable you to produce show labels yourself. Der VIPColor VP650 sowie VP750 are also able to print multi-color labels in a water-resistant manner.

Further advantages of inkjet printers at a glance:

  • save yourself the effort and storage capacity that stocking preprinted labels would require
  • react precisely to your label needs thanks to "print on demand"
  • adapt your label layouts exactly to your needs at any time
  • you get labels that even have a limited light, water and chemical resistance
  • print on various material surfaces: matt, glossy, PE & PP materials
  • replace the individual cartridges on all devices as required

Upon request, we will determine your expected ink consumption including costs in advance based on your label layout. In this way you know exactly what costs you will have to face per label and how much you can save.

Other Services:

In addition to the respective printer, you can also receive expert support from us in the form of training courses and maintenance contracts as well as corresponding supplies and accessories.

This also includes appropriate labeling software such as NiceLabel with which you can define your own print layouts. Alternatively, we also offer you support in designing the layout of your products.

Beispiel Musteretikett Layoutgestaltung Inkjet Liquid E-Zigarette


For Epson products there is also a "Cartridge Collection & Recycling Program". Here you can collect your supplies, such as your used ink cartridges, and send them back to Epson. If you are also interested in sustainable label materials, you should take a look at our inkjet compatible grass paper.


The one-year warranty can be extended via "CoverPlus" - consisting of optional warranty packages. In the package with on-site repair or replacement, up to 4 years are possible. Up to 5 years warranty is possible in the package that requires the return of the device by yourself.

Of course, we also offer you the round-off after-sales service with the production of the appropriate labels and the delivery of color cartridges at attractive prices.

Promotion campaigns

Up to and including 09/30/2020 there is a promotion campaign for both Epson inkjet printers and devices from VIPColor: