Labels for hand disinfectants & healthcare use

Suitable solutions for your label needs during and after the corona pandemic

The current situation, triggered by the COVID-19 virus, results in many temporarily exhausted stocks. On the one hand, given the high number of cases in Germany, many tips were published on how to manufacture stuff on your own, for example protective masks or disinfectants.

Many organizations such as fire brigades, hospitals, pharmacies, distilleries and public institutions are obliged to manufacture or fill disinfectants and cleaning agents themselves. For example, pharmacies have been allowed this since 5 March 2020 due to the coronavirus.


When labeling, e.g. disinfectants, some details must be observed.

Hazard symbols, safety instructions and batch numbers must be clearly legible on the respective label. At the same time, there are high demands on the label material with regard to durability and quality.

Even if there are no clear regulations on the part of the legislator, PE / PP-based label films with the appropriate certification (BS5609) should preferably be used. The use of such materials ensures that all information on the label remains legible, even if it comes into direct contact with the disinfectant.


With our products you are able to print multicolored labels yourself responsibly, flexibly and just-in-time. Of course, all text, graphics, barcodes or 2D codes (e.g. QR codes) can be printed in monochrome and in color.

We are happy to offer a complete system for industrial labeling with labels. We produce the desired labels according to your shape, color and quantity requirements and supply the appropriate inkjet printing system with water-based pigment ink, as well as suitable label printing software if required.

Of course, this printing system is also suitable for labeling your previous product range. Creative, personalized, both individually, small quantities as well as large series and with a manageable investment.


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Epson C3500 desinfectants wasserresistant print