Label software NiceLabel available as a free subscription

During the corona pandemic, NiceLabel offers its software free of charge to companies that manufacture medical goods and food or are active in the healthcare sector.

To support measures against the currently raging COVID-19 virus, NiceLabel, as a leading manufacturer of label design software, is currently offering its product as a free subscription for specific companies.


The program that we have been offering for many years is freely available in this context as a cloud-based version. The condition for receiving a product license is the system relevance of your company. A license can be granted to manufacturers of medical goods (e.g. ventilators, protective masks, disinfectants), food manufacturers as well as hospitals and other organizations involved in the active action against COVID-19.

The offer is limited to Label Cloud Essentials including three printers and an hour of consulting, for example for general advice and installation. The campaign is currently scheduled to run for three months, with the actual end being based on the course of the corona pandemic.

Please contact us for further information or to obtain your personal license.


However, please note that when labeling, e.g. disinfectants, some details must be observed.

Hazard symbols, safety instructions and batch numbers must be clearly legible on the respective label and remain so if they come into direct contact with the disinfectant. We provide you with the right label material as well as the corresponding inkjet and thermo printing systems that meet the requirements of your product. Please also take a look at our previous news or contact us directly.

For further inquiries, we are happy to help you.

Label software NiceLabel available as a free subscription