Innovative Recycling

The future in view with sustainable concepts

Sustainable, future-oriented applications and technologies are important to us. We therefore attach great importance to expanding recycling within our processes.

In the course of this, for example, by-products of our self-adhesive label materials are separated by us according to the top and backing material and collected according to type. Backing materials such as silicone paper are particularly suitable for recycling. The sorting ensures a high quality of the later reusable material.

We are extremely proud that the backing material can be used to create new products such as magazines or new backing papers as the recycling progresses. Our material waste is thus used very efficiently and is part of a circular economy.

In this way, we make a further contribution to the sustainability and efficient use of raw materials in the by-products that would previously have been waste, becoming usable resources.

We look forward to continuing to focus on sustainable processes in the future and to tackle and expand them together with our partners.


Are you interested in using sustainable label materials yourself?

Check out our overview of particularly sustainable label materials or contact us by phone or email. We are at your disposal and will find the right material for your application.


Do you need multi-color labels and value sustainability through efficiency?

For Epson products there is a "Cartridge Collection & Recycling Program". Here you can collect your supplies, such as your used ink cartridges, and send them back to Epson.

And with our inkjet label printers you can produce your own labels »just in time« and »on demand«. This saves you valuable time, storage capacity and keeps your production flexible and cost-efficient. Depending on your requirements, we will find the perfect printer for your needs.

Innovatives Recycling von Nebenprodukten der Etikettenproduktion