Info letter: TOKO on the corona pandemic

The production and delivery capabilities of TOKO are still unaffected by the corona pandemic

In the course of current developments around the corona pandemic, public life and various industries are currently being brought to a minimum.

Such measures influence everyday life in all areas and of course also in some areas of the label industry.

Extreme measures, such as the closure of "non-essential companies" in Italy, currently have only a limited impact on our ability to produce and deliver. Our presuppliers are not affected by closures and have so far remained fully functional. However, this classification is country-specific and may vary or change daily.

Since our products make an important contribution to the production of, among other things, medical goods and food labeling, neither our presuppliers nor we are currently affected by possible closures.

However, capacities in various productions, e.g. in logistics, are going to be rationed. System-relevant applications in the fields of medical technology, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. are therefore preferred. In order to be able to react quickly to future developments, we are in close contact with our suppliers every day.

However, our ability to equalize current and upcoming restrictions doesn't just depend on our skills. Please be assured that the TOKO team will continue to be available to you with all our strength even in this challenging time. Accordingly, place your order with us early in order to be able to implement a scheduled delivery and thus to avoid a production stop in your company.

Our other services relating to your printers are also guaranteed. We are still available by telephone service during our business hours. You can also send the appropriate devices to us for repair and maintenance at any time. These will continue to be repaired at our site. Replacement devices are available for almost all printers, depending on the respective equipment.

We wish you all the best, especially health, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Your TOKO team

Info letter: TOKO on the corona pandemic