GHS – Printing colour labels

New challenges in 2015

The UN’s globally harmonised system for classifying and labelling chemicals (GHS) will become the binding standard for the EU starting in June 2015 and in the USA in December 2015. This affects all manufacturers, importers, wholesale distributors and retailers who deal in chemical substances and mixtures.

Take advantage of the label designer specially integrated in NiceLabel to create labels that comply with GHS standards (product identifier, signal words, GHS hazard pictograms, hazard statements, precautionary statements, and supplier identification).

NiceLabel helps you meet specific challenges, such as limited space, legibility of words on a label, and implementation of the international language, without a great amount of additional effort.

With the NiceLabel label software and the integrated GHS module to simplify speedy compliance with GHS standards, you can quickly design labels that conform to GHS standards.
To print colour labels, we recommend the new print-on-demand VIP Color VP-700 printer, which creates high-quality labels in seconds based on the layout you designed.