New within the ColorWorks family: The Epson C8000 color label printer

The C8000 impresses with a number of innovations, a wide range of functions and the usual high print quality - for label materials up to 0.6 mm thick.
Inkjet-Etikettendrucker Epson ColorWorks C8000 externer Abwickler angeschlossen

The Epson ColorWorks C8000 color label printer, the newest member of the ColorWorks family, offers proven performance, quality and adds numerous features to the range.

The first devices of the new inkjet color label printer are expected to be available from August 2024.

Proven Basics

The specifications of the C8000 are fundamentally based on its predecessor:

  • Print speed: 300 mm/s at maximum resolution
  • Print width: 4"
  • Print resolution: 600x1200 dpi
  • Max. roll OD: 200 mm
  • Price: comparable to C7500, consumables differ due to larger ink capacities

What's New?

More importantly are the significant changes of the C8000 compared to its predecessor, the C7500, listed below:

  • Maximum material thickness: up to 0.6 mm (instead of 0,24 mm; height-adjustable print head)
  • Minimum material width: 25.4 mm (instead of 50,0 mm; only with internal label unwinder, otherwise 50.0 mm)
  • Material transport: Vacuum plate + 2 rubber rollers (instead of star rollers & conveyors)
  • Material sensor: laterally adjustable, ideal for custom shapes (instead of fixed sensor position)
  • Ink cartridge: Plastic bag (-75% plastic)
  • Ink volume: 480 ml (instead of 294 ml)
  • Ink scheme: CMY + MK or BK; identical ink to C6x00 series
  • Connections: Ethernet (supplemented by: USB 3.0, WLAN (optional))
  • Compatibility: Windows, ZPL II (supplemented by: SAP ABAP, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Web SDK, Cloud Printing via Loftware, BarTender, Codesoft)

Well-Known Ink Scheme

The C8000 series comprises two versions: 

  • a mk variant for matte and 
  • a bk variant for glossy materials. 

As with the latest ColorWorks devices, only the black cartridge differs. Once selected, you cannot switch between mk and bk here either. If you intend to print both matte and glossy labels, using the bk ink is recommended when using only one device.


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