ColorWorks promotion for extended warranty

Free warranty extension worth up to 2095€

Purchase one of the following Epson inkjet label printers between July 1 and September 30, 2020 and receive a 3-year warranty extension free of charge.

The warranty extension includes the standard 1-year warranty and two additional years. The CoverPlus warranties for the C7500 and C6000 / C6500 series include on-site service. The models C831 and C3500 in turn include a return-to-base service.

To activate the extended warranty, you must submit your application online to Epson within 30 days of the purchase date. The closing date for entries is October 31, 2020. The validity of the offer for you depends on your location.

How much you save when you buy the following printers:

  • ColorWorks C831
    194,-- € saving (net)

What does the warranty extension include?

"The Epson guarantee is a voluntary service and includes the Epson product with all Epson parts (...), provided the information in the operating manual that came with the device when you purchased it was observed and the maximum load on the product was not exceeded."

"The guarantee covers the repair of all defects or defects of the device that occur within the guarantee period and are covered by the guarantee by replacing them with an equivalent device or repairing them. (...) The costs of materials and labor are borne by Epson."


Are you interested?

Here you can find more information about the inkjet label printers included in the promotion directly on our homepage.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email. We are available to help you find the ideal product for your application.


Additional options for inkjet label printing?

With the right label software, you can create the ideal label layouts according to your wishes, and we also offer you various accessories and options for an automation of your inkjet label printing.

With our inkjet label printers you can produce your own labels "just in time" and "on demand". This saves you valuable time, storage capacity and let you produce flexibly and cost-efficiently. If you also want to use sustainable label materials, our grass paper could be the right material for you.

Epson ColorWorks Promotion mit kostenloser Garantieverlängerung