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Who we are & what we stand for

About us

If we were tailors, we would make custom-made suits

TOKO portfolio and motto

TOKO manufactures labels and supplies the entire hardware and software so that labels in the desired color and shape with the right information are placed in the right place - to the point. This is what our motto stands for:

Labels are our passion.



The range of products extends across the entire range of labeling. We supply not only blank labels, but also colour print labels made to your specifications. Whether this entails brand names or visually enhanced product characteristics, our labels give brand products a distinctive design that distinguishes them positively from the many other products currently available.

Even in the area of special labels, no wish remains unmet by TOKO. Type labels for use in the arctic or desert, functional labels consisting of multiple different adhesive layers and carrier materials or security labels to discourage product piracy: TOKO makes it all possible.

Hardware & hardware assistance

We also develop and install hardware solutions to print labels »just in time« during your production process. For this we offer thermal, thermal transfer and inkjet multi-color printers, their consumables and the corresponding label printing software and automation options. A wide service and training program completes our offer. You can confidently leave the maintenance of your printers to us and focus on your production process without distraction.


Of course, every order is accompanied by a detailed customer discussion, in which we listen carefully to you in order to understand your requirements. Here we explore together which exact material combination among the countless variations of labels covers your requirements one hundred percent. In addition, we offer a wealth of other services such as vario printing, material sampling, color cost calculations for your inkjet printing or the layout design of your product labels.